Panagiotis “Takis” Mitropoulos, Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Professor

Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

J.R. Filanc Construction Engineering & Management Program

(619) 594-0137




Invited Presentations & Workshops


 Production System Design for Accident Prevention: Lessons from High Reliability Foremen” Presentation at Workshop “Using BIM to Eliminate Construction Site Hazards”, organized by AGC, The BIMForum, CPWR, and NIOSH Office of Construction Safety and Health, Aug 6, 2013, Washington DC.

 Work Practices of High Reliability Crews” Presentations at Safety Committee the Associated General Contractors, San Diego chapter, Nov 7, 2012.

“Safety as an Emergent Property of the Production System” Poster presentation, NSF CMMI Grantees Conference, 2012, Boston, MA.

“Work Practices of High Reliability Crews” Presentations at Quarterly meetings,  Flatiron Construction, 2012, Oakland / San Marcos /  Orange County

Introduction to Lean Construction” Workshop series for JR Filanc Construction, 2012, Escondido, CA.

 Effect of Production Control System and Safety Management on Safety,” Presentation, Graduate Course CONE 555, SDSU, San Diego, CA.

Introduction to Lean Construction” Presentation at AACE International, Arizona Section.  16 December 2010, Phoenix, AZ.

“Lean Construction Principles and Methods” Workshop, General Dynamics, Facility Management, Scottsdale AZ.

New Directions in Construction Accident Prevention” Presentation, Women’s Surety Association, Featured Speaker, 2010, Phoenix, AZ.

The Last Planner System of Production Control” Workshop, Phoenix Airport Checkpoint C project, 2009, Phoenix, AZ.

High Reliability Crews in Residential Framing” Presentation to Younger Brother Contractors, 2008, Glendale, AZ.

A Cognitive Approach to Construction Safety-Current Research and Directions” Presentation to the Arizona Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers, Construction Section, 2008, Phoenix, AZ.

 How Lean Practices Reduce the Likelihood of Accidents” Presentation at the 9th Annual LCI Congress, Nov 7-8 2007, San Francisco, CA.

A Cognitive Engineering Approach to Construction Accidents” Presentation at the Cognitive Engineering Research Institute, ASU, 2007, Mesa, AZ.